At Green Career Central we coach passionate professionals who want to use their expertise to create, or contribute to, sustainable, restorative, and regenerative solutions that build a better world --where the land, people, wildlife, and economy thrive.
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Carol McClelland, PhD
Founder and Executive Director

Carol McClelland, PhD, author of the award-winning book, Green Careers For Dummies, is one of the nation's leading sustainability career experts. Throughout her career, Carol has helped thousands of people discover careers that match their values and interests.

As the Founder and Executive Director of Green Career Central, Carol's current focus is to work with passionate professionals who want to use their expertise to create, or contribute to, sustainable, restorative, and regenerative solutions that build a better world --where the land, people, wildlife, and economy thrive. Through coaching programs and self-guided programs, Carol supports her clients in making the transition to a new green career or to a green career that allows them to have a bigger impact.

Once again Carol is on the leading edge of her field. In 2007, as talk turned to changing out incandescent light bulbs for CFLs, Carol realized that new innovations would open up new industries and new careers. Carol began tracking the factors shaping the green economy, developing a Green Economy Map (, and speaking and writing about the career opportunities within this new economy.

Our publications have received awards and recognition:

  • Green Careers for Dummies (Wiley, 2010) was named the winner of the Business book category by the Green Books Festival.
  • The Green Career Central Blog was named as one of the 100 Best Blogs for Your Job Search by Job Profiles, Your Guide to Careers and Education.

Carol has been studying, speaking, writing, and consulting on career transitions for over 20 years. Following her graduation from Purdue University with a PhD in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, she worked for five years as an internal Human Resource consultant for a Fortune 500 company, facilitating a variety of corporate transitions.

After running several “Craving a Career Change” support groups and teaching career self-assessment courses at San Jose State University, Carol began working with individuals to help them transition to careers that matched their values and passions.

Carol is the author of four books, award-winning Green Careers for Dummies (2010), Your Dream Career For Dummies (2005), Changing Careers For Dummies (2001), and The Seasons of Change (1998). In 2003 Carol began training professionals to use her career coaching and transition support programs with their clients.

Over the years, Carol has spoken to a variety of professional groups, at Chamber of Commerce events, women's conferences, and at companies such as Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Levi Strauss, Minetta San Jose International Airport, and SRI. Since 2007 she has spoken about green careers and facilitated green career panels in a variety of venues including Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference in Washington D.C., Solar Living Institute's Green Career Conference, Solfest, Acterra, the International Career Development Conference, the Career Management Alliance, CANNEXUS, and the California Career Development Association. She also had the privileged opportunity to be the opening speaker for Ed Begley, Jr. at the San Francisco Greenfair in 2009.

In addition, Carol has been a featured radio guest on a number of radio stations, including KGO News/Talk 810 in San Francisco, WBAP News/Talk 820 in Dallas TX, CBS Radio / WDSY Y108 in Pittsburgh PA, and KALW in San Francisco.

She has been quoted and highlighted in a variety of national media outlets including, CNN Money, U.S. News and World Report Online, Focus Earth, hosted by ABC reporter Bob Woodruff and aired on the cable channel, Planet Green. Carol has also been quoted by local media outlets including, the Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, Joyce Lain Kennedy's column on, Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Courier Post, Orlando Sentinel, and Silicon Valley Business Journal. She writes her own blog, Green Career Central blog.

To give back to her community, Carol volunteered as part of the leadership team of her community's Green Ribbon Citizens' Committee for 5 years. She enjoys connecting with the natural works by hiking, visiting forests, playing with her dog, and learning about its amazing regenerative, abundant, and divserve manifestations.


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