At Green Career Central we coach passionate professionals who want to use their expertise to create, or contribute to, sustainable, restorative, and regenerative solutions that build a better world --where the land, people, wildlife, and economy thrive.
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Resources to Give Your Green Career Quest a Boost

In addition to our coaching programs, we offer a variety of resources and products to help you reach your green career goals. Check out the categories below to find resources that align with your needs.


If you have any questions about which resources would be best for you, please let us know.

 Essential Resources for Your Green Career Quest

Green Economy Map

One key to landing a green job is discovering where your skills fit within your target green industry.

When you see how to position your skills, you'll be able to communicate your value to networking contacts and potential employers.


    Our interactive Green Economy Map gives you:

    • Full access in depth industry profiles of over 50 green industries and sectors.

    • A detailed overview of each industry so you understand how it is structured.

    • Lists of job titles within the industry.

    • An array of carefully selected reports, newsletters, videos, blogs, and books you can use to stay on top of changes within your field.

    • A list of keywords you can use to deepen and refine your research.

    Find out more about our Green Economy Map.


    Green Careers For Dummies

    The green economy is just beginning to unfold. The transition from business-as-usual to a new sustainable economy is opening up a wide range of opportunities that are likely to continue for years to come as new clean technologies, sustainable policies, and green standards are adopted.

    • The first three chapters offer an introduction to the green economy.

    • The next three chapters help you identify what you want to do within the emerging economy.

    • The next seven chapters provide brief overviews of over 50 green industries.

    • The remaining eight chapters give you job search strategies to help you land a green job.

    You'll want to access this detailed resource throughout your transition to a green career.

    Learn more about Green Careers For Dummies

    Finding Your Focus

    Heart Magnet ebook cover

    HeartMagnet: Discover What You Are Drawn To

    If you aren't sure what you enjoy, this is an essential resource for you. Knowing what you are drawn to and what you are repelled by are important skills to master if you want to create a green career that's based on your interests and passions.

    Discover How to Use Your Heart Magnet

    Get Your Job Search Back on Just One Week!

    If you need a job as soon as possible, we recommend that you focus your attention on the skills and experience you already have.

    Use this program to uncover the best way to focus your immediate job search efforts to gain traction, breakthrough your mindsets that are keeping you from making progress, and create an action plan to move forward.

    Jump Start Your Job Search with this ten-day coaching program.

    Resources for an Effective Job Search

    101 Ways to Gain Green Experience eBook

    This eBook, 101 Ways to Gain Green Experience, walks you through simple and effective strategies you can use to gather viable green experiences that will strengthen your resume and attract the attention of hiring managers.

    No matter where you are in your journey to your green career, you can start using this eBook to gather the experiences that will create a compelling resume and inspire hiring managers to keep you at the top of their short list!

    Some strategies take longer than others to implement. So start now!

    Discover 101 Ways to Gain Green Experience


    Networking program

    Details coming soon

    Navigating a Difficult Transition?

    Feeling Stuck? 101 Ways to Get Rolling Again

    If you are feeling stuck in your life or in your quest for a green career, this ebook will give you lots of ideas about how to keep moving forward toward your goals.

    Find New Ways to Get Rolling Again

    The Seasons of Change

    Whether you are in transition by choice or by circumstance, it's likely you feel at sea and adrift in your situation. Moving through the unknowns associated with any life change can be frightening and unsettling. Please know you are not alone. The Seasons of Change is a gentle, supportive model that uses the seasons to show you how you can navigate your transition with grace.

    Discover how the Seasons of Change can help you make sense of your current transition.

    Nature's Wisdom Deck

    No matter where you are on your path through life, Nature's Wisdom Deck is a transformative, thought-provoking guide to understanding and moving through life's changes.

    A wonderful companion tool for The Seasons of Change.

    Explore the Nature's Wisdom Deck.