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Green Careers For Dummies - Book Tour Central

Make a Good Living in the Emerging Green Economy

The green economy is just beginning to unfold. The transition from business-as-usual to a new sustainable economy is opening up a wide range of opportunities that are likely to continue for years to come as new clean technologies, policies, and standards are adopted. Making sense of this new economy can be tricky, but if you're committed to finding a career that will have a positive impact on the planet, this friendly guide gives you everything you need to land the job of your dreams.

  • Discovering the green frontier – learn how to navigate the world of green careers and get the inside scoop on the green economy

  • Finding your green focus – set your sights on the green career that matches your interests, highlights your strengths, and leverages your experience and education

  • Exploring careers in green industries – get a handle on the immense variety of job titles in the more than 50 industries that make up the green economy

  • Using job search 2.0 techniques – harness the Web to grow your green network, advance your green education, and claim your competitive advantage

  • Activating your green job search – discover how to target the eco-friendly companies, find openings for your talents, and take your green career to the next level


Rave Reviews about the Book

Rave Reviews about the Book

"Americans are bombarded with forecasts of glowing opportunities in the sustainable green economy, but, finding useful and reliable specifics in one place has been a challenge. That changes with the recent publication of Green Careers For Dummies, a definitive new guide by Carol McClelland, Ph.D. Without question, her Green Careers For Dummies ranks in the top tier of career books, a keeper that you'll return to again and again. I know I will."

---Joyce Lain Kennedy, syndicated columnist, "Careers Now"

"Carol McClelland does a wonderful job with this exciting new book, giving her readers the industry-centered information and resources they need to help begin the discovery of their very own green career niche. Highly recommended."

---Jim Cassio, Author of the Green Careers Resource Guide and co-author of Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future

Virtual Book Tour Schedule


Virtual Book Tour 


Carol just finished her virtual book tour!  We have posted her articles, interviews and excerpts below for those of you who may have missed a stop or two!




Susan Ireland's
Job Lounge

“6 Steps to a Green Career in Your Neck of the Woods”

Carol shares green job search tips with all the readers.

Green Job Spider
Secrets of the Job Hunt

with Chris Russell

Excerpt from Green Careers for Dummies in Green Job Spider

Excerpt from Green Careers for Dummies in Secrets of the Job Hunt

Carol shares key excerpts from her book, Green Careers For Dummies

Career Solvers

with Barbara Safani

“Finding Your Place in the Green Economy”

Read Carol's article about finding your place in the green economy for six-figure professionals and executives.

“Where Are the Green Jobs?” – AOL Find a Job

Carol is interviewed by Barbara Safani on AOL about green industries to watch!

Aspire for Success

with Randi Bussin

“Reaching Out to Your Network to Enrich What You Know About Your Target Green Industry”

“Gaining an Understanding of Your Target Green Industry”

“Finding Your Green Niche: Claiming Your Piece of the Green Economy”

“Creating a Green Focus: Understanding the Full Scope of the Green Economy”

BOOK REVIEW of Green Careers For Dummies

Check out a series of four articles for mid-career professionals who want to transition to a green career and Randi's review of Green Careers For Dummies.

Discovering Your Inner Samurai

with Dr. Susan Reid

“How to Green Your Business”

BOOK REVIEW of Green Careers For Dummies

Read Carol's feature article especially for solo entrepreneurs and business owners interested in green business opportunities and Susan's book review of Green Careers For Dummies.

The Green Economy Post

with Tracey de Morsella

“Find a Green Career and Prosper by Exploring Full Scope of the Green Economy”

If you are new to the idea of having a green career, check out the range of industries that make up the green economy.


with Brandi-Ann Uyemura

“Green Careers Q & A”

“How I Found My Way to Green Careers”

Read Carol's story about how she found her own green career.

Career Counsel

with Linsey Levine

“Leverage Your Executive Experience to Launch Your Green Career”

Especially for executive Career Changers who may be just starting to explore green opportunities.

10 Good Minutes

with Romi Kher

10 Good Minutes

Career advice for young professionals.

Career Doctor

with Dr. Randall Hansen


Career Doctor

Carol answers job search questions from green job seekers and offer some key “how-to” tips. 


with Susan Joyce


Carol will be answering job search questions from green job seekers.

"Spirit2Spirit" Radio Show

with Aricia LaFrance

Blog Talk Radio


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Interview of Author Carol McClelland, PhD

Interview of Author Carol McClelland, PhD

Hosted by Wendy Enelow, Executive Director of the Career Thought Leaders Consortium, a think tank of career industry leaders, and President of the Résumé Writing Academy, the world's premier résumé training organization.

Audio recording (27 minutes)

Written Transcript:

Download the written transcript of the interview in PDF version. 

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