What Clients Have to Say about Working with Carol

Green Career Central’s Find Your Green Focus process was incredibly helpful in getting me started in a new career direction.

The worksheets and brainstorming exercises helped me realize I already had the skills to launch a new green career.

Today, I have a terrific salary doing business development for energy and environmental projects.

Thanks to Green Career Central, my dream of merging my personal conviction with professional life came true.
— Kelly Fergusson, Menlo Park Mayor and Council Member turned Business Development Manager of Energy & Environmental Solutions
Working with Carol has been a true delight, and has really helped me to clarify my professional purpose and goals.

Before our work together I was torn between several paths, and leveraging her wonderful web-based Find Your Green Focus program I was able to work through process step-by-step to become crystal clear about the best niche for me.

I’m now actively pursuing my goals, and excited about what’s ahead of me!

All along the way I was impressed with Carol’s wisdom about the stages of transition, and her remarkable ability to listen deeply and to synthesize and articulate solutions. I would highly recommend working with Carol to anyone ready to make a change!
— E.G. San Francisco Bay Area
The Find Your Green Focus Program was exactly what I needed to clarify the role I wanted to play in the green movement. The assignments were fun and provided me with a lot of direction and personal insight.

I’ve always wished I had been born holding a blueprint in my hand of what I was supposed to do with my life—this is the blue print I’ve been yearning for. It feels like a representative picture of me.

The guided online coaching worked really well. I could not have come this far in defining my green niche without the help of Green Career Central.

Carol really knows what she’s doing in this space! I’m so glad to have found the resource and gotten so far in such a short amount of time!
— Rosemary Trujillo, Former Program Manager of Global Sales and Services at Sun Microsystems transitioning to a green career
I have a lot of different interests and skills but I have not figured out how to put them all together on my own.

It makes more sense and is so much more efficient to work with someone who has an experienced “eye - sense” for something like this and can spot some obvious patterns right away.
— J. L., New Mexico
Carol McClelland’s Find Your Green Focus process was instrumental in helping me clarify and map out my career path during a time of great transition.
— Rose Marcario, CEO, Patagonia
Carol’s program gave me guidance and definitely helped me discover that I want to do.

The regular motivation and structure gave me the guidance and confidence I needed to take the first steps in making this big career change.

By using the program I ended up asking myself questions and thinking about things I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with others as I worked through the program. It was great to know I am not alone in many of my feelings about work in general. It was also nice to be able to share my fears about changing careers and beginning something new.
— Anna Wright, San Francisco Bay Area
I’ve got my green niche! The brainstorming sessions are a great tool for capturing my random thoughts and actually organizing them into cohesive career paths. Amazing! Thank you Carol!
— Taj, Oakland, CA, Green Career Changer

Long Term Results

Over the years I've had several clients who kept in touch after we completed our coaching work. The testimonials below describe our coaching work together...and then how their careers kept evolving in very positive ways. 

Thank you again for your guidance! Working through the Program with you was the best investment I have made thus far. Studying neuro-psychology was a fantastic experience; mostly because I was so clear and focused about what I wanted to get out of the PhD program when I started. Neuro-psychology is definitely my true calling!”

(Kristen’s recent update: “In a recent turn of events, I fell in love with the Deaf population here in San Diego. So, when I am finished I will be the only neuro-psychologist in San Diego County who can Sign too. A great career niche! Thank you again for your wisdom, directness, and guidance several years ago!”)
— Kristen Cole, PhD, San Diego
First of all, thank you so much. I can’t believe how my life has changed for the better since we worked together. Back then I worked for the ambulance company, then I shifted my priorities toward completing my education. Although I still work in the health field part-time, my real passion is archaeology. I recently graduated with a BA from Cal State Monterey Bay. Then I worked in Santa Fe for the summer on an excavation with the Museum of Natural History in New York. It was an outstanding opportunity and so exciting. My next step is to earn my Masters degree, and relocate to work in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque area. I am so glad I acted when my friend gave me your name. I’m not stuck anymore, and it feels great!
(Since Renee wrote this testimonial, she has completed her Masters degree, relocated to Santa Fe, and is working in a museum in the area.)
— Renee Cannon, Monterey County, CA…now Santa Fe, New Mexico
I wonder if you remember our phone coaching back many years ago. I am amazed at how far I have come.

Perhaps the facelessness of our time together made it feel less real, but now I see it was very real, and very important in my life. I can still remember some of the ground we covered together, and how it is now the foundation under my feet.

Recently I learned that I’ll be using my ocean sediment glazes to make twenty bowls for MIT’s president to use as gifts when he travels. What a wonderful path it has been one step at a time.
— J. L., Woodshole, Massachusetts, www.thesoftearth.com
I had just moved into a new career, but when I started down that road, I found it just wasn’t what I expected. Before I got comfortable I knew I needed to make a change. To make a positive change, I knew I was going to need support.

Carol’s program helped me look inside and unearth my true interests, not just the desires others had for me. Carol asked the tough questions that I was unwilling to ask myself, and she asked the easy questions that prompted answers that weren’t always so obvious to me.

During the program I worked for a less than desirable firm. My visits with Carol helped me remain positive. She saw me through all the hard times.

I have decided to go back to school to pursue the field of interior design. I would never have had the strength to discover this aspiration if it were not for Carol and her program. I cannot thank her enough.
— Emily Cheffy, Palo Alto, California