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Where to Get a Green Job - Infographic

Green Career Tip of the Week
As I mentioned last week, I'm adjusting my newsletter focus a bit. I'll be alternating between green career tips that you have been receiving and introducing you to resources that have intrigued me lately - a resource, a video, a book, a company. My intention with these resources is to inspire and engage you in ways that will expand your vision of the green economy, yourself, and the possibilities that await you.

I'm sharing an infographic green jobs that I found several months ago.

All the best,

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Tip of the Week: Where to Find Green Jobs Infographic
Resource: Where to Get a Green Job Infographic (Click link to view entire infographic.)
Why This Resource Caught My Eye
When I first saw this resource I loved the visual nature of this infographic and its ability to share a great deal of information in a very concise manner.
What to Look for
  • Industries with the highest green job growth
  • Green industries that hire the most people
  • Clean industries that have a manufacturing focus
  • Metro areas with the number of green/clean jobs and the greatest growth in green/clean jobs
  • Caveats to Keep in Mind
  • Data collection dates - not all data is from 2011. Some graphics are based on data over a ten year period ending in 2007. Others show statistics that are based on numbers up through 2010. Annual employment statistics generally have an inherent time delay. As you scan the infographic, incorporate the dates into the conclusions you make about the data.

  • Definition of green jobs/careers - Any time you evaluate green economy statistics, you must make sure you understand how the researchers defined green jobs. It's likely you'll need to go to the original sources to gain a full understanding of their definition.

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