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State of Green Business Report 2012 - 5 Reasons Reading This Report Helps Your Green Career

Green Career Tip of the Week
The Good News: "Surprisingly--almost miraculously--environmental sustainability efforts continue to grow, relatively unabated, inside mainstream companies."

The Bad News: "...despite companies' seemingly full-speed-ahead efforts,
some environmental indicators are heading off course."

State of Green Business 2012 Report (page 4)

My favorite report of the year has just been released: State of Green Business 2012 Report. In today's newsletter I highlight why checking out this report will benefit you and your green career. I even include some tips on how to customize your reading of this nuanced report that describes the good, bad, and yes, even the ugly within the green/clean/sustainable economy these days.

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Tip of the Week: State of Green Business Report 2012 - 5 Reasons Reading This Report Helps Your Green Career

Why This Resource Caught My Eye

This report has caught my eye for five years running. It's one of the most important reports I read each year to grasp what's really happening in the green economy.  Published by based on last year's 2000 blog posts, interviews, reports, and event, it's a great "on the ground" perspective that's invaluable to anyone who is interested in the green economy and sustainability efforts in the business world.
5 Ways You'll Benefit from Reading This Report
1) Uncover Clues to Possible Careers in Current Trends - Get a sense of industries that are growing and how various roles within these industries are evolving.

2) Deepen Your Understanding of Key Sustainability Issues - Gain insights about how key issues are shaped by real-life business circumstances, today's political and economy climate, and, often, conflicting factors.

3) Identify Key Players in Your Target Industry - Take what you learn in this report about success stories, investment recipients, topic matter experts, and relevant associations to jump start your research about your target industry.

4) Spot Opportunities in What's Not Working - Refine your sense of the green/sustainable opportunities that are ripe for innovation, transformation, and breaking from status quo.  Do you have the skills, knowledge, or passion to step in to contribute?

5) Boost Your Credibility - Grasp the complexity of these sustainability issues and you'll out shine your competition in interviews and increase your confidence that you can hold your own in discussions with your colleagues.

Strategies for Reading the State of Green Business 2012 Report

I know it can feel a bit imposing to think about sitting down to read a full report like this. So here are a few suggestions to make it a bit easier to explore this report. 

  • Scan the list of top ten trends in the Table of Contents on page 2 to identify the trends that are most relevant to you.

  • Tackle one trend a day--at 1-3 well-written pages a piece, you'll find it's easy to get a grasp of the issues quite quickly.
  • Review the GreenBiz Index Summary table (pages 25-26) to uncover whether green companies are "swimming, treading water, and sinking" on the 20 measures of environmental performance.
  • Read about each index that sparks your interests. Again, these descriptions tend to be 1-3 pages long.
  • Thumb through the report to read the insets with special essays from topic matter experts and other reports that may be of interest to you.

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