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For the Last 18 Months I've Been Struggling...

Green Career Tip of the Week
"What if the world is holding its breath--
waiting for you to take the place that only you can fill?"

-- David Whyte, author
With this newsletter I start my sixth folder of newsletter articles...2012, here we come!

It's always an interesting feeling to create the newsletter folder for the new year. A clean slate. An empty folder. What will I write? Will I have anything new to say?

Having written more than 250 newsletters since 2007, I found myself questioning whether I had anything new to say. Normally I write my newsletter on Monday afternoon/evening and then produce it on Tuesday so it's delivered to you on Wednesday morning.
The last few months Monday would roll around and I'd find myself doing anything and everything but writing! My heart just wasn't in it like it used to be. I was dragging my feet, publishing a day late here and there. Skipping a week every now and then due to other commitments.  

When I procrastinate something I've always enjoyed doing, I know it's time to rethink and re-envision what I'm up to.  So...effective immediately, I'll be publishing two new green career/green economy articles a month.  On the other two/ three weeks of each month I'll share a short introduction to something that's intrigued me of late - a resource, a video, a book, a company. My intention with these newsletters will be to inspire and engage you in ways that will expand your vision of the green economy, yourself, and the possibilities that a wait you.

A few other enhancements are in the works as well:
  • In the coming weeks I'll be starting a Facebook Group, yet to be named, with some new content I've been drawn to explore over the last 18 months...more details about this new development below.
  • We are also in the process of restructuring some of our offerings, so stay tuned for opportunities to Find Your Green Focus and Energize Your Job Search. Details coming soon.

  • All the best,

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    Tip of the Week: For the Last 18 Months I've Been Struggling...
    I could feel there was something deeper that I was meant to do. Something that  would have a bigger impact on the issues that I care so deeply about - the planet, the natural world, sustainability, helping people use their professional lives to make an impact on their world.

    I'd get glimmers of "The Subject."
    I'd sense ways I would incorporate this new level of my work into what I do within Green Career Central. I played with several ideas to the point that I thought I had "it" all figured out. I kept sensing I would be able to launch my new idea next week or next month.

    But nothing stood still long enough to grow roots.

    I kept changing. The world around me kept shifting.

    My ideas kept evolving.

    The way I'd always gone about identifying and developing my work was not working. In the past I've always gotten a new idea and then worked with it privately to craft the final product - a coaching program, a book, a new site. None of the strategies I've used in the past are working this time around.

    It was time to take an entirely new approach. Rather than searching for a topic to address or a solution to provide, as I have done in the past, I decided to search for the question that keeps pulling me in.

    I thought you might gain insights for your own career quest by knowing what I've done thus far.

    In July 2010 I started my journey by collecting clues.

  • I collected every quote, video, website, study, article, book, expert that intrigued me over the last 18 months. I paid particular attention to the items that grabbed me for their innovation, inspiration, and unique perspective. My initial Word document is now 39 pages long and my Evernote notepad has 534 entries, and counting!
  • I don't ask WHY at this stage. If it touches something inside me, it's relevant. That's all I'm paying attention to.   I can edit the list later, when I have a better sense of my direction. At this stage I just collect.
  • I also reviewed my past to identify clues that have struck a particularly strong chord in me over the years. (Because I've done this part several times over the years these clues fall nicely into two categories---yours may not be so neat at this point. It's okay.)

  • I've been utterly inspired by the many trailblazers in the environmental/green/sustainable/triple bottom line world who have been guided by their world view to change business as usual. (This category is what has guided and fueled my Green Career Central work since 2007.)
  • Throughout my entire life I have been drawn to the natural world - wild animals, sanctuaries, conservationists, wild lands, forests, park rangers, newly discovered species, endangered species that are rebounding, how nature's systems work, the seasons, etc. (This is the new addition to the mix.)
  • Throughout my life I can find examples in both of these categories that have literally moved me to tears.  The specifics of whom and what triggered this response in me aren't important right now; what is important is the depth with which these topics touch me.
    It's the tears that tell me how deeply I am connected to these two topics. It's only in looking at all the clues together in the last 18 months that I have really claimed the depths of this connection.

    It's the tears that tell me I'm no longer willing to stand by as the natural world is marginalized as an unimportant or irrelevant player in the industrial transformation going on right now.

    It's the tears that tell me I'm meant to play an active role in connecting the dots between these two worlds. Although the precise form of this role is not yet clear to me, I do know that I will continue to help people use their professional lives to make a contribution to the key issues of our times.
    If you are bothered by me talking about my tears here, know that the emotion that fuels your passion may be anger or frustration. Or you may be triggered by fascination, discovery, or intrigue.

    In all the times I've refined my career focus over the last 21 years, this is the first time I'm being compelled to claim a direction based on my tears. It's new territory. It's not particularly comfortable to share this publicly, but it's clear to me that my tears are pointing me in the right direction. Given the current state of the world and the urgency of the situation, I've decided not to argue with the form of the messenger.

    The key take away for you is to tap into what you are FEELING--not just what you are thinking--about your career direction. When I've thought of incorporating the natural world into my work in the past I always completed that internal conversation by telling myself there was no way I could do it. It didn't make any sense whatsoever! Now I see a way that has me excited, intrigued, and inspired. I can't wait to get started with this new journey.

    Identifying the picture on the front of your puzzle.

    In the last month I've finally identified the question that I want to explore. I can finally see the picture on the front of the jigsaw puzzle that I've been working for the last 18 months.

    It has dropped in layer by layer over the span of a couple of months. First I saw one layer of the question. As I worked with it, another layer became clear. I'm still working at the best way to articulate the more to come on this in future communications.
    The key for you to remember is that the picture on the front of your jigsaw puzzle isn't likely to come into focus in the space of one heart beat. It may take weeks or maybe even months as it did for me. Don't criticize yourself. Don't get frustrated. Don't get discouraged. Above all, don't quit.

    Keep claiming what you know from your clues. Move forward from that place and the bits that are foggy will work themselves out. Keep at it...and in time, the picture will become clear.
    "What if the world is holding its breath--
    waiting for you to take the place that only you can fill?"

     -- David Whyte, author
     Copyright 2012, Transition Dynamics Enterprises, Inc

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