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Accelerate Your Green Job Search Results with Five Proactive Strategies

Green Career Tip of the Week

"Transitioning from a passive job seeker to a proactive one has a profound impact on YOU! As soon as you act on targeted opportunities your confidence increases, your excitement builds, and your passion blossoms. You'll be amazed at how energized, focused, and motivated you feel about your future."

We've spent the last three weeks helping people recharge their green job search! We've had some great teleclasses - our last one is tonight! In this week's article I introduce five of the proactive job search strategies that can transform your energy and your job search results.

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Tip of the Week: Accelerate Your Green Job Search Results with Five Proactive Strategies

If you are in active job search mode or you know you have a job search in your near future, you are no doubt looking for ways to shorten the path to your job offer! Here are five pointers to get you pointed in the right direction!

1. Networking Contacts to Job Leads

You've no doubt heard that you are more likely to get a job when you know someone at the company. Although it would be helpful if you could figure out how to connect with people where ever you apply for a job, that's not how the process works.

The process begins by connecting with people to learn as much as you can about your target green industry, training options, and the companies that hire people with your skills.

Ideally you'll develop ongoing relationships with your key industry contacts and they'll be able to connect you with people who work in your target companies when the time is right.

2. Demonstrate Your Value

Throughout your job search, you strive to find the best way to articulate your value to your networking contacts and hiring managers.

It's often a challenge to find the best way to describe what you can do for your target company and industry.

One way to boost your efforts to communicate your value is to show people what you can do! Although you may not be able to walk into your target company to show your strengths, you can find other ways to contribute to your industry.

Whether you choose to get involved in your industry association, you find a way to volunteer your time in ways that use your strengths, or you contribute to an industry conference, you'll be in contact with key players in your industry.

3. Shift Your Energy

In addition to developing your skills and demonstrating your value, becoming engaged in activities within your industry has another benefit.

As you become actively involved you'll notice a shift in yourself! Your energy will pick up. You'll feel more engaged, more motivated, and more confident.

As you contribute to your industry with dedication and enthusiasm, your contacts will notice! Better yet, they'll remember you and feel comfortable introducing you to hiring managers. If they've seen you in action, they may also be willing to give you a well-placed recommendation when you need it most!

Furthermore, hiring managers are going to be intrigued and drawn to your energy. You'll be seen as a stand out candidate and be the one that gets called with the job offer!

4. Tipping Point of Your Job Search

There's a point in any proactive job search when you've put the foundation in place and your efforts begin to pay off. After investing so much time in getting your contacts to understand who you are and what you are going for, the tide shifts and you receive referrals from people who GET what you are up to.

I've watched clients make this transition from pushing hard to get their message out to receiving leads to jobs that are a perfect fit. At the time it feels magical!

In reality, it's a sign you've done your homework. Now is the time to reap the benefits of your hard work. Continue your follow up efforts to turn those job leads into job offers!

5. Start Early! Start Now!

The sooner you begin putting the proactive job search strategies to work, the better your results. By starting early in your green career journey, you begin expanding your network before you begin your actual job search activities.

Then when you are ready to launch your job search, you can share your green career focus with your contacts and jump start the flow of relevant leads in short order.

The key to leveraging your job search efforts is to know how to tweak the strategies for each phase of your journey.
  • If you aren't yet clear about your green niche, you aren't going to introduce yourself in the same way as someone who has identified a specific green career goal.
  • If you are actively researching your green niche options, you won't ask your contacts the same questions as someone who is in active job search mode.
A proactive job search begins with small actions that snowball as you make more contacts, gain more referrals, and take actions to become involved in your field. As you reach the tipping point, you receive qualified leads to positions that are a great fit for you, your skills, and your background.

Although there's no easy way to leap right to the finish line, there are a number of proactive strategies you can employ to accelerate your job search efforts.

If you want to add these proactive strategies to your job search efforts, join us for our Take Charge of Your Green Job Search Bootcamp that begins December 10th - see details below!
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Recharge Your Green Job Search! Strategies to Boost Your Results in December and Beyond.

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