Do You Want to Make the Move
into a Greener, More Sustainable Career?

"Jump Start Your Green Career"
Assess Your Readiness and Get Going in the Right Direction

 Give yourself the gift of attending our

F-R-E-E Virtual Retreat on
Saturday, February 25, 2012

to uncover the best way to choreograph
your transition into a greener, more sustainable career.

In this information-rich retreat, you'll learn:

  • Tap into the green/sustainable/environmental issues you feel most strongly about.

  • Explore the part you are meant to play in the shift to a more sustainable future.

  • Assess your readiness for making this transition now - personally, professionally, and financially.

  • Discover how to improve your readiness and your chances of success.

  • Identify the next steps that will lead you to the green career results you want.

By exploring these issues now,
finding potential solutions before they block your path,
you'll be better prepared to choose the right path for yourself
as you move into the next phase of your quest for a green career.


Registration for this program
is now closed.



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Carol McClelland has shown 1000's of job seekers like you how to transition into new positions by gaining visibility in a difficult job market and get noticed by potential employers.

This retreat is for you if you have been …

  • Hearing the call to act, but you haven't a clue how to proceed

  • Trying to find your way on your own for a few months or even a couple years

  • In a environmental/sustainability position, but you know it's time to leverage your experience to step into a new green career

How the “Virtual Retreat” works …

  1. You'll participate from home on Saturday, February 25, 2012 from 10 am Pacific - 2 pm Pacific Time / 1 pm - 5 pm Eastern Time. To benefit the most from this event, we recommend you have Internet access to view the streaming video presentation.  We will also be offering an "audio only" option for those of you who cannot be online.  All details to participate will be sent to you prior to the event.

  2. We'll meet at the top of the hour for 20-30 minutes where I'll introduce the key topic for that hour.

  3. Then you'll work on your own, during the retreat, to explore the key topic for yourself.  In addition to what we've discussed, you'll have worksheets that walk you through additional prompts, activities, and support to discover new insights you haven't uncovered before.

  4. When we come back at the top of the hour, you'll have a chance to share your discoveries, ask questions, and learn from others through the live chat before we turn to the next topic.


If you are committed to making a difference with your career,
but unsure how to move forward with your search, join us!




Comments from Participants
in Previous Teleclasses
by Carol McClelland




"The information presented in this class was relevant, useful, and organized in such a way that it could easily be implemented in our search for that new green job, or and job for that matter."

Linda Commons, California

"I love the teleclass. I love the new information we get and the new ways to look at our situations. The teleclass was both informative and inspirational."

Deirdre Price, New Mexico


"Excellent and the price is right! Just what I needed to get me moving on my job search!" 

AS, California

"I am recently unemployed and at the beginning of a challenging job search, The teleclass gave me a new approach to the task that now gives me more hope and focus."

RB, California

"A great opportunity to discover or review all the tools in a Career Search Toolbox, and how to best use them. It takes a very proactive and practical approach to finding a job. So if you are in a slump and need to regain your momentum, this is a unique chance to find techniques that you can start using right away."

  PLR, Pennsylvania




I look forward to supporting you on your quest for a green career.

All the best to you,

Carol signature

Carol McClelland
Green Career Expert

Founder of Green Career Central
Author of Green Careers For Dummies



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