Gain Confidence for Your Career Change

Green Career Tip of the Week
Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.  
~G.B. Stern
Years ago I discovered a very important life lesson. It's one that has relevance to how you present yourself in networking, interviews, and on the job. In addition to gaining confidence in yourself, this lesson can also uncover new strengths you can leverage in your work life. Check out the article below for details.

Enjoy the Season!! We'll be taking some time off over the holiday. Talk with you in the New Year.

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Tip of the Week: Gain Confidence for Your Career Change
Twenty five years ago this fall my father's health was failing. He'd given all he could, and the cancer in his system was winning.

Shortly after he stopped working the letters from his colleagues and employees started coming in. There were just a few at first, and then more arrived.

I learned so much about my Dad reading how he'd touched the lives of those he worked with. I gained a new appreciation for his caring, thoughtful, generous way of supporting people when they needed encouragement and support.
Unfortunately most of these letters came after my father passed away.

He never had the opportunity to read how his actions had changed so many lives over his career.

I know he didn't think of himself in the same way these people thought of him...

I always wondered how his life would have been different if he'd heard these compliments and read about the impact he'd had on so many people.  Would he have been more content with what he'd accomplished? More confident in who he was?
Here's My Challenge for You
1. Over the holidays, thank 3 - 5 people for the impact they've had on your life. If you can, write your thoughts in a note so they can return to your message in the future. Think of it as your gift to them this year. (You may even gain new insights about yourself while doing this!)
2. Send a short note to 5 - 10 of the people you trust most in your life. Choose people from different parts and eras of your life. Send an email asking if they'd take a moment to reply with the 7 positive adjectives that best describe YOU! And ask what they think of as your best strength(s).

I know, I know. It feels strange to send such an email. Just tell them you are taking a class and this is the assignment.

As you read each reply, practice taking in each compliment.

  •     What surprises you?
  •     Does any of the information shift your impression   of yourself?
  • What can you do to integrate this new information into your daily life and the way you present yourself in your work life (and your personal life)?
    Practice this challenge often; you'll be amazed at what you learn about yourself and those who touch your life.

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