Looking for the Work You Are Meant to Do?

   “Finally…a Quick and Painless Way to Find Your Green Focus...
So You Can Get on with Making the Difference You Want to Make!”

A new economy is emerging. Whether you call it green, clean, or sustainable, it's taking shape. Existing industries are transforming, and new industries are forming. It's a time of opportunity.

    You may already know that you want to contribute to the green economy, but you aren't sure where your skills fit.

    You may be curious about what green career opportunities match your experience.

    Or you may have an idea about your green career direction, but other people aren't understanding what you want to do.

No matter which of these paths you are on, it's likely you are experiencing some confusion and frustration as you try to find your path.  

    You are uncertain what steps to take to find your green career focus.

    At one level you are baffled by the range of career possibilities within the emerging green economy. Yet at the same time, you are worried that there aren't any green careers that match your skills and experience.

    You aren't sure how to narrow your focus to a particular green career or even if that's the right strategy. The process of defining your green career goal feels nebulous and elusive.

    Even if you have identified a target green industry, the sheer volume of information available online is overwhelming. You are having a difficult time sorting through it all to find the information you need to know to identify your green career focus.

    The more you try to define your green career focus, the more confused and frustrated you feel. You are having a hard time communicating your idea to others.

I Know Exactly How You Feel

Several times in my career I've felt just the way you do. The harder I tried to figure out my next career move, the more frustrated I became.  This scenario played out years ago in my corporate job when I was burned out and decided to start my own business as well as several times since then when I needed to take my business to the next level.


I'll Let You in on a Little Secret

The one thing that always keeps me going is the fact that I know how wonderful it feels to breakthrough to clarity!

One day you are miserable, wondering if it's all worth it, wondering if you should just give up and go back to doing what you've been doing.

Then you have that breakthrough.

    It may be a flash of insight as it was when I came up with the idea to start Green Career Central.

    It might take the form of a dream as it did when I came up with my original business idea.

    It might come in a series of insights that build one on top of the other.

The Feeling of Clarity Is Exquisite!

You feel enlivened, energetic, optimistic, passionate, and alive with anticipation for your newly envisioned future. You are clear, unwavering, and certain about the direction you want to take.

Your worries and concerns fall away and you become focused on making your future a reality!

Why Most People Never Experience This Level of Clarity

When people search for their green career focus they often look outside themselves for clues. Maybe you've used a combination of these strategies in your quest for your target green career.

    Scanning green job boards
    Taking the first green job that comes along
    Choosing the current “hot” green career
    Identifying a target green industry
    Enrolling in a green training program in hopes to landing a job in that field
    Conducting a series of informational interviews to find out what's worked for other people
    Trying out different careers by volunteering or doing short-term projects

Unfortunately, choosing a green career using these strategies isn't likely to evoke a strong sense of clarity. In fact, it's likely your choice feels a bit flat.
If you are questioning your decision,
if you are revisiting your decision over and over again, or
if you are wondering whether there's a better career for you in another industry,
you are not completely at peace with your decision.

Although the career idea itself may be just fine, the problem is you don't feel any connection to this target career.
Looking outside yourself to find your target career doesn't create a sense of intrinsic clarity, because that's not where the initial kernel of your green career resides!


The Key to Clarity--Connecting With Your Target Green Career

Your most relevant, targeted, exciting green career options are going to come from within you. By discovering for yourself, what you bring to your next career in terms of skills, passions, and expertise, you build a career that suits who you are to a “T.”

You don't start from scratch. You leverage your unique blend of expertise, passions, education, and experience to identify the place in the green economy where you can have the biggest impact. Your unique positioning allows you to stand out from the crowd of applicants as you interview for green positions.

When your green career niche begins to take form you know you are on the right track. If feels right. You can see clues from your past that confirm that this new direction is a perfect fit. As all the pieces drop into place, you know exactly what your next move is.

      The Bottom Line
When you are able to describe your green career goal clearly, concisely, confidently, and enthusiastically, your networking contacts will provide you with a constant stream of actionable referrals to:

    Knowledgeable networking contacts
    Informative industry-specific resources
    Targeted volunteer opportunities
    Relevant training opportunities
    And, most importantly, viable job openings that match your vision of your target green career.

Following up on these leads opens the way to additional leads. As the momentum builds, you find yourself with a collection of exciting opportunities to act on!

Uncovering Your Green Career Focus

When I left my corporate job nearly 21 years ago to help people navigate difficult life transitions, my most popular program was called “Craving a Career Change.” People saw that I had made a huge leap in my own career, and they wanted to know how I did that!

I've spent the last 21 years refining, streamlining, and improving the program to help people identify the work that resonates with their passions and values.

During this Coaching Program you'll move through a process of discovery, gaining new insights, confidence, and clarity at each turn.

These are the results you receive:

You discover how to identify your passions and interests accurately and in the moment.

Understanding how your interests reveal themselves to you gives you an invaluable tool you'll use repeatedly throughout your quest for your new green career.

You create a detailed list of over 20 skills and 20 interests that you bring to the green economy.

Having this list by your side allows you to see multiple ways to contribute to the green economy.  One of our clients called her list "the blueprint I've been yearning for."

You build a list of up to 40 green career ideas based on your skills and interests.

Through this creative brainstorming you get nudged out of your “idea ruts” to expand your horizons.

You articulate your vision of how you want to contribute to the planet and the green/clean/sustainable economy.

This vision becomes your guide as you move forward in your quest for your green career. When you know how you want to make an impact, you suddenly see that there are many ways you can achieve your goal.

You draft your first statement of your target green career.

This version of your green career niche guides your initial research as you explore possible target green industries.

You finalize your green niche statement.

Although your big picture statement is likely to remain the same over time, your green niche statement will evolve. As you learn more about your target industry, the players, the companies in your area, and your job options, continue to tweak your green niche statement to reflect your current understanding of your green career goal.

You create a detailed description of your ideal position.

By getting clear about the kind of work environment, work culture, and contract that would work best for you, you can begin your quest for your new greener, more sustainable career knowing what you want and what you are willing to negotiate on. With this clarity additional work ideas and companies may come to you as well.

How Does the Coaching Program Work?

Find Your Green Focus is a mix of self-reflection, exploration, brainstorming, and thinking outside the box. To make the most of the program, please plan to set aside time in your schedule to work through each assignment in order.

The Find Your Green Job Coaching Program consist of four components.
1) You'll start with a series of carefully crafted messages that give you bite-sized activities to identify your green career niche. So rather than being faced with an entire ebook to work through on your own, you receive one activity at a time, each of which can be completed in about 30 minutes.

This delivery method keeps you focused on the task at hand. Rather than having to worry about what you should do next, you can devote all of your time, attention, and effort on completing the assigned activities.

You'll receive these assignments each weekday for five weeks. What you work on this week is a foundation for the work you'll do next week.

If you have a busy schedule and don't think you can incorporate a daily email into your schedule, not to worry! You can work on them at your own pace.


2) On my online coaching platform, you'll read through the activity. Then just copy your assignment into an email and send your responses via email to Carol.

Each assignment may include an audio or a pdf worksheet.

As you move through each activity, week by week, you gain momentum. You can see your progress and can return to review previous responses at any time.


3) Next, I read your responses and provide you with personalized feedback. The more you include in your responses to the activities, the richer our coaching relationship will be. In my comments I'll let you know where you are making great progress, where you might dig a little deeper to get better results, and what to expect next. I'll also offer encouragement along the way to keep you going.

I will be available to comment on your responses to the activities in this program for up to three months from the date you start the program. Sometimes life happens and you need to take a break. I understand. Just come back to the program and start again where you left off.

4) In the fifth week, we'll set up a personal coaching session. In our conversation we'll take your discoveries to a deeper level so that you leave the conversation with clarity about your direction and a plan for your next steps.

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee    

My goal in this program is to help you discover your strengths and pinpoint the areas of the green economy that match your interests and passions.

I've been using some form of this program for the last 21 years. I know it works...if you work it! The more you invest in the activities, the more you will get out of it.

The best way to make the most of this program is to be honest and forthcoming about how things are going for you. I can't guide you successfully if you hold back what you are experiencing or if you try to coast through the program. The more I know about who you are and what makes you tick, the more effective the coaching relationship is.

I can't get you the green job of your dreams; only you can do that. But I can promise you that if you enroll in the Find Your Green Focus Coaching Program and work the program, you'll...

    Gain new insights about the skills and passions you bring to the green economy.

    Identify and be able to articulate how you want to contribute to the Planet and the emerging green economy.

    Know the next steps you'll take to implement your green career vision.

Although the ultimate success of this program depends on your participation, commitment, and action, I want to offer you a peace of mind guarantee that ensures that you have the opportunity to receive a full refund if you find the program is not a good fit for you.

    You have until the end of the 8th online assignment to request a full refund.  

Sounds Great! How Much Is My Investment?

You feel the draw to make a bigger impact through your work. The only problem is, you aren't sure how to identify your green career focus.

You have a couple of options.

    You can invest in a battery of assessment to figure out your best career options. Generally these assessments tend to cost $300 to $600. (One other tip...to my knowledge there aren't any assessments that are specific to green careers, so the results you'd receive wouldn't be green-specific.)

    You can purchase a package with a career coach or counselor for $1000 to $2000 to work one-on-one to come up with a vision for your green career future. (Although there are a few green career coaches in the marketplace, none of them use the same system I developed and used successfully since 1983.)

    Or you can continue tackling this issue on your own. Making modest progress at times...or swirling in confusion. Although this method doesn't require a financial investment, the time you spend searching may cost you opportunities and keep you from making the impact you want to make.

It really is possible to move move beyond that all-consuming-question, "What should I do?" and move into focused action that creates results!

The investment for the Find Your Green Focus Program is $697. Can be made in one payment or two payments.

Please contact me if you are interested in talking
about whether this program is right for you.

The series of activities to guide me through the process of discovering my strengths and uncovering the areas of the green economy that match my interests and passions.

Personal coaching feedback and encouragement in response to my answers throughout the program. These aren't canned responses that have been set up in advance. My coach will read my comments and reply to me personally.

One personal coaching call -- In the fifth week of the program, we'll set up a coaching call to discuss and refine my green niche statement.  During the call we'll review the clues and ideas I've uncovered and talk about how to weave together the clues in a way that is most exciting, intriguing and fulfilling to me. We'll also talk about my next steps to determine how I'll move forward to research my target industry, find networking contacts, and prepare myself for my green job search.

You know you want to make a difference, right? So, the sooner you have clarity about the best way you have to make a difference, the more impact you can have on the issues that you are most passionate about.

I look forward to supporting you in your quest to find your green career.

To a Bright Future,



Answers to Common Questions

I've always made career changes on my own. Why would I want to invest in a coaching program when my career moves have worked out okay in the past?

Discovering and implementing your own career change is definitely possible. In fact, I've done it myself. There are, however, three big benefits to working with a coach during your transition to a greener career.

First, I provide you with a time-tested system for identifying your green niche. I've been using this system for nearly 21 years, refining it and streamlining it along the way. With this system you don't have to spend any of your precious time figuring out what to do next. I have the system already set up so all you have to do is participate fully and you'll make progress.

Second, I help you see opportunities, patterns, trends, and blind spots that you aren't able to pinpoint yourself. This saves you time and allows you to make progress more quickly.

Third, the green/clean/sustainable economy is evolving quickly and constantly. We've been tracking these developments since 2007 and have often spotted trends and opportunities before they were widely accepted. By working with Green Career Central you benefit from the knowledge we've gathered over time.


I want to keep my options open. I don't want to miss any opportunities.

This is an admirable goal; unfortunately it doesn't play out very effectively in the real world.

The key is to choose a focus that matches your expertise and interests and be able to articulate it in a way that intrigues your contacts and potential employers. When they understand what it is you want to do, they have a much easier time giving you leads to resources, volunteer opportunities, training, professional contacts, and, job leads. The more targeted your requests, the more relevant the referrals.

If you don't commit to a vision of your future, you'll confuse your contacts. They can't provide targeted referrals if they don't understand what you do.

Vague referrals aren't want you want or need! By claiming your vision of your future and sharing it with those around you, you are actually more likely to hear about targeted opportunities you've thought of…as well as surprise opportunities that are right up your alley!

The Green Economy is evolving, but how can I be sure there's an opportunity for me?

We are all pioneers entering a new world. Although there are no clear paths, those who commit the time, energy, and effort to discover opportunities will be the ones who impress potential employers. Although the evening news isn't talking about it, changes are happening in more than 50 industries and sectors.


Wouldn't it be better to wait until the green economy is more established?

Finding where you fit in the green economy takes some time. The sooner you begin the sooner you can build relevant experiences that position you to be a sought after candidate. If you wait to begin, you postpone your ability to green your resume strategically to appeal to potential employers within your target green industry.

I'm not ready to leave the job I have. How can I do this program without risking my current position?

You can complete 100% of this program without telling anyone you are exploring a career change. The majority of the work in this phase of the journey is internal. You'll be reflecting on who you are and what you bring to the green economy and you'll be researching your target industry online.

When you are ready to enrich your understanding of your target industry by talking with people in the field, you'll be clear about your focus, excited about your future, and ready to learn more.


I need a job right now. I'd love to have a green job, what do you recommend?

Unless you have a skill that will transfer directly into a green career and your target industry is hiring, it's going to be difficult to plug right into a green position.
Finding the green career that is a good fit takes time. If investing two months to clarify your green niche and researching your target green industry is going to take too much time, your best strategy for your next job is to target a position that leverages your existing skills in a traditional industry. (This Get Your Job Search on Track Program will be a better fit for you.)

When you have income coming in again, come back to clarify your green career direction. You'll feel more comfortable taking time to reflect on your next move then.