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How to Find a Green Career and Prosper in the Green Economy

The green economy is taking shape. Policies, innovative technologies, and new sources of funding are fueling the growth. Green job opportunities are out there if you know where to look.

Green Career Central takes the mystery out of finding a green career.

What is Green Career Central?

We are not a recruiter. We are much more than a job board. We are a complete online center for people who want to switch to a green career or find a green job.

We are almost ready to announce our new membership options! We have been listening to you and have created several new plans to include enhanced levels of coaching support. We are currently putting on the finishing touches to the new programs so stay tuned for the news.

About the Founder, Carol McClelland, PhD

In addition to writing Green Careers For Dummies and Your Dream Career For Dummies, I've dedicated my entire career to helping people find careers that match their personal values. My work with clients and students over the last eighteen years provides me with detailed insights into how to help people change careers.

When we launched Green Career Central in 2007 we made sure to give our members access to the tools, resources, and activities I always used with my private clients.

At Green Career Central we are committed to helping you:

  • Make Sense of the green economy
  • Get Clear about your green niche
  • Gain Confidence with a workable plan
  • Take Focused Actions to achieve your green career goals

If you want to Switch to a Green Career or Find a Green Job, here's the best way to get started.

  • Sign up for our free report - Six Strategies to Find Your Green Career - by filling out your name and email in the subscribe form on this page.
  • Check out the links in the Become a Member section in the left navigation bar.
  • Discover how to gain immediate access to our content-rich resources, tools, and support.

All the best,

Carol McClelland, PhD
Founder and Executive Director

Map to Your Green CareerMap to Your Green Career
Most of the people we talk with know they want a green career, but they don't know how to find that new career. Even if you think you know, read this article. It will give you an overview of how to best use Green Career Central to achieve your career, business or educational goals. . . . more

Take a Tour of Our Green Career ResourcesTake a Tour of Our Green Career Resources
Green Career Central gathers resources you'll find helpful as you pursue your green career goals. You'll use different resources at each step of your journey. For now, take a quick tour of the resources so you know what's available on the site. Taking a moment to review this page will save you lots of time in the long run. . . . more

How to Supercharge Your Search for Your Green CareerHow to Supercharge Your Search for Your Green Career
If you want to ensure you achieve your green career goal, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the key actions you can take during your journey. First you'll discover how to creating your own green community. Then you find out how to reach out for support when you hit a roadblock. . . . more

Making the Most of Green Career CentralMaking the Most of Green Career Central
This article introduces a series that describes how to make the most of the Green Career Central™ site. . . . more

First Step to Grasping the Critical Issues of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen
First Step to Grasping the Critical Issues of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen Next week the UN Climate Change Conference starts in Copenhagen. This conference will shape the future of the global green economy. Find out what to look for, and what to expect in this week's Tip of the Week. . . . more
Five Ways You Can Leverage Unique Qualities of the Green Economy
Five Ways You Can Leverage Unique Qualities of the Green Economy Do you want insight into the big picture of the green economy? This week's tip shares what Carol learned while creating the Green Economy Map. . . . more
Take Action to Create Green Career Opportunities
Getting your dream green career takes action. Read this week's tip and find out what you can do to make your dream a reality. . . . more
Green Occupations: New Official Descriptions Announced by O*NET
Green Occupations: New Official Descriptions Announced by O*NET Do you want some clarity on green job definitions? In this week's tip, Carol reviews O*NET's new official green occupation descriptions. . . . more 2.0: New Local Details about Stimulus Money Distributions 2.0: New Local Details about Stimulus Money Distributions Do you want to SEE where the stimulus money going? In this week's tip, Carol shares some quick and easy ways to glean good information for your job search from the website. . . . more
What One Thing Can You Do Today to Move Toward Your Green Career?
What One Thing Can You Do Today to Move Toward Your Green Career? Are you struggling with how to balance your current job, your personal life, and your quest for a green career? In this week's tip, Carol shares several strategies she developed that allow you to accomplish your goals bit by bit. . . . more
Pace Yourself on the Climb to Your Green Career
Pace Yourself on the Climb to Your Green Career Moving into the green economy is not as easy as getting a standard job. This week's tip compares the differences between a green and standard job search, and gives you the perspective and steps you need to succeed. . . . more
So Where Are We with Climate Change Regulations?
So Where Are We with Climate Change Regulations? Are your students/clients interested in climate change legislation? Read this week's tip to learn more about national and international climate change regulations. . . . more
Rebuilding Greensburg, KS: A Look at an Emerging Green Economy
Rebuilding Greensburg, KS: A Look at an Emerging Green Economy Have you heard about Greensburg, Kansas? This week's tip talks about the town rebuilding green after being flattened by a tornado. Learn about their process, and the green jobs involved, in this unique insight into the green economy. . . . more
Moving from the Electric Grid to the Smart Grid: What You Need to Know Now
Moving from the Electric Grid to the Smart Grid: What You Need to Know Now Does the energy grid baffle you? In this week's article, Carol helps you understand the basics with fabulous maps from NPR, and shows you ways delve deeper for more information. . . . more
Fish and Wildlife
If biodiversity, care for ecosystems and the protection, conservation and restoration of wildlife habitats and wildlife populations appeal to you, consider a career in Wildlife and Fisheries Management. . . . more
Why We Need a Green Revolution: Insights and Opinions of Thomas Friedman
Why We Need a Green Revolution: Insights and Opinions of Thomas Friedman Are you looking for inspiration to make green changes now? This week's tip discusses the premise of Thomas Friedman's new book and some actions you can take to support the green revolution. . . . more
Five Green Industries that May Surprise You
Five Green Industries that May Surprise You How many green industries do you know? This week's Tip of the Week focuses on five industries that may surprise you how they're greening up. . . . more
Material Sciences
Materials Sciences is the study of the properties and performance of different materials. These studies have a broad range of applications in industry. Read this profile for more information and applications on materials sciences. . . . more
Stay on Top of Legislative Actions: Your Green Career May Depend on It
Stay on Top of Legislative Actions: Your Green Career May Depend on It Laws, regulations, and incentives play a major role in shaping the green economy, and your current or future green career. Read or listen to this week's tip to learn how you can stay on top of legislative actions . . . more
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    Here's what our members and subscribers are saying ...
    It's a hard to find an investment these days that pays for itself many times over but the annual fee for joining Green Career Central is certainly worth every penny. The process laid out is structured and easy to follow. It takes you through the steps to get a truer understanding what your interests and skills are and makes you excited about researching your career options, while giving you a sense of progress and accomplishment. The weekly tips and "how to" resources on the website are time saving and are in of themselves an invaluable resource. Thanks Carol.

    Becoming an Energy Systems Consultant

    "Green Career Central's process was incredibly helpful in getting me started in a new career direction. The worksheets and brainstorming exercises in the What's Your Green Niche ebook helped me realize I already had the skills to launch a new green career. Today, less that four months later, I have a terrific salary doing business development for energy and environmental projects. Thanks to Green Career Central, my dream of merging my personal conviction with professional life came true. "

    Kelly Fergusson
    Menlo Park, CA
    Menlo Park Council Member (Mayor, 2007) turned Business Development Manager of Energy & Environmental Solutions

    "I've got my green niche! The brainstorming sessions are a great tool for capturing my random thoughts and actually organizing them into cohesive career paths. Amazing! Thank you Carol! "

    Oakland, CA
    Green Career Changer

    "Hi Carol, I love your Green Career Central website and deeply thank you for making the trial membership available. This is likely the only site of its kind on the Internet. A lot of thought and care have been put into it. Thanks to the exercises in Step 1, I'm finally able to articulate what I'm passionate about and how I want to use my passion in the world. Thank you so much."

    San Ramon, CA
    Green Career Changer

    "Thanks for hosting the Plug into the Green Economy teleconference tonight. It was very informative, encouraging, and helpful. Thanks again for your site, your awesome service, and your sage advice!"

    Santa Cruz, CA
    Green Career Changer

    "Learning to strengthen my HeartMagnet enabled me to listen and trust my heart wisdom. The journey has been so joyful because I trust myself so much more than before. There are new surprises around every corner that guide me toward my new future."

    Redwood City, CA
    Dental Hygienist turned Integrative Health Consultant

    "Carol, thanks for your first Tip of the Week. Connecting with what I'm drawn to brought tears to my eyes and made me feel happy and excited. I now know what I'm looking for in my green career. I will continue to look to you and yours for support as I make my way forward. Thank you."
    Chicago, IL
    Green Career Changer

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